• A new addition for summer - layer our super popular anklets to create your own beach style!

    One cowrie shell anklet & one Yemaya sea glass anklet packaged in a Yemaya cotton pouch, making them the ideal gift.


    The faux suede cord is left long so you can tie around your ankle or wrist...or both depending on your style! 


    Different colour combinations - see pics for options.


    Approx size of sea glass : 10-13mm

    Approx size of shell: 18mm x 12mm


    What is Yemaya Sea Glass?


    Yemaya sea glass is a mixture of cultured sea glass & hand collected glass that is put through a tumbler to give it a smoother finish.


    Please note that due to the nature of the sea glass and shells the size, shape and colour will vary very slightly from the picture shown.