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  • Amelia

Do you fancy becoming part of #Yemayaladies?

We are on the hunt for some awesome ladies to join the Yemaya crew!

Are you an ocean loving chica? Do you love being in the outdoors? Are you always heading off on constant adventures, no matter how small? Are you active on social media with a good following and regular interaction?

We need you!

We are looking for some lovely ladies to become brand ambassadors.

So what does it involve?

You need to send us an email to with a little bit about you. Who you are, where you are and what you are up to! Do you have a cool or inspirational story to tell? Are you headed off on a big adventure, training for something, starting a business or have a crazy awesome life that will make us all be in aww? Oh and of course don't forget to drop in your social media handles so we can find you!

In exchange for a piece from our collection twice a year, we would love to feature you! Perhaps have a chat either over skype or via email which we will use on our blog/social media channels. We would also love some shout outs on social media with you wearing your new piece and some help spreading the Yemaya love!

Does this sound like you?

Get in touch! Can't wait to hear from you!


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