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  • Amelia

Top 5 Summer Sea Glass Necklaces

Summer is here, so it's time to show off your new Yemaya pieces!

Here are our top 5 summer necklaces:

1. The Whale Tail. Simple, classic and great with every outfit, its an essential for every day!

2. Sea Star & Aqua Sea Glass. A Yemaya flag ship design which lets you keep the ocean close to your heart.

3. Lilac Triple. Soft pastel colours and oozing summer vibes, it's a personal favourite for beach outings!

4. Teal & Light Blue 5 bead combo. All the seaglass & all the ocean love, we just love how the sunshine bounces off it!

5. Turtle & Light Blue Sea Glass. We couldn't do a blog without this one in know how much we love turtles at Yemaya HQ!


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