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  • Amelia

Top 5 Snorkelling spots in Cornwall

As you know, here at Yemaya we are slightly obsessed by the ocean! As a marine biologist by training, for me being under the water is one of my favourite things! So here are my favourite spots for some cheeky summer snorkelling:

1. Headland, Newquay

Drop in off the rocks and pootle your way around the headland. Spot the blennies, the different sea weed and of course the resident seal, who will be waiting to come and say hi!

2. Talland Bay

Head in off the beach and swim around to the left. On a flat day the crystal clear water will expose kelp forests and under water trenches that are just waiting to be explored. Oh and a gorgeous beach cafe too for a hot chocolate afterwards makes this spot a total winner!

3. Godrevy

A huge beach perfect for beginners and those who fancy a bit more of a challenge. Shallow pools, sandbanks and numerous rocks are home to many small colourful critters. Anemones, crabs and sea stars are just a few of the creatures you might see.

4. Polkerris Beach

Head straight out around the harbour wall and stay close to the cliffs and you will enter a different world. Kelp beds, spider crabs and wrasse are all abundant in these turquoise waters.

5. Rocky Valley, Tintagel

With beaches either side and a perfect excuse for a spot of gorge walking upon exit this area is teaming with sea life. It's not just under water though, keep your eyes out for nesting sea birds including guillemots and cormorants that will be diving alongside you!


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