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  • Amelia

Top 5 Sea Glass Necklaces 2019

As the Christmas shopping is upon us here is a quick look at the top 5 sea glass necklaces of 2019.

1. Sea Star & Aqua Sea Glass. A flagship Yemaya design - each one just slightly different. The imperfections in the glass make each piece totally unique!

2. Tiny sea glass & hammered circle. A one off piece - I just love how the glass shimmers in the light.

3. Purple triple. A combination of our purple sea glass beads & you can swap the aroung to make your own pattern!

4. Double mini sea glass. Each piece is so tiny and delicate & they can be mixed & matched with a charm too!

5. Hummingbird & blue sea glass - what's not to love about this origami style charm?

Don't forget to get yours here :


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