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Thinking Ahead...Making Plans

Without a doubt the last 12 months have been the most uncertain times to live in for a generation. All of us have had to take stock of where we are in life, where we would like to be and what is most important to us. Some have faced unbearable isolation, some have had the physical challenge of illness and others the challenge of grief and losing loved ones. Everyone has been impacted at some level.

But for all us, no matter where we are at this very moment in time, we have the opportunity to look to the future and plan to live each day fully present in each moment.

Here at Yemaya HQ we have felt blessed during this difficult time thanks to the continued support of all our customers old and new and our friends and family who have helped during the tough times.

We couldn’t have done it without you all- you really all are total rock stars!

We are looking ahead, making plans for how we can continue to bring new and exciting ranges to Yemaya and also to how we can get to meet some of you awesome people.

We have so much planned!

One of the benefits for people being home based over the past year has been the opportunity to really look at where they live and how they live. Instead of flying in and out of their houses, they have looked at the ‘stuff’ that surrounds them and made decisions about what makes them feel good and what doesn’t.

We have done the same!

And as a result we have created a gorgeous home ware collection, a contemporary coastal inspired range that fits all spaces and all budgets. When we first launched it on line it 80% sold out within hours and so we are working hard to expand the range and bring you an autumn addition launching in September.

Ghost Net Bracelets Continue to Inspire

Our passion for working with ocean conservation saw us launch the very first ghost net bracelet in October last year at our John Lewis pop up! We were overwhelmed by the interest in these unique pieces of jewellery and have continued to create new products which are sold once a month on a first come, first served basis. They continue to sell out within minutes showing just how committed our customers are to supporting the work of ocean conservation.

Our next Ghost Net bracelet release will be this Friday 30th April at 6pm! Keep an eye out for new designs and concepts coming soon.

Staycation doesn’t have to mean drab!

We might not all be able to go on holiday this year but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still add some holiday vibe to our wardrobe to lift our spirits. It doesn’t have to be a full holiday wardrobe makeover but sometimes just a small addition can really lift the spirits and build more memories for the memory box for when winter returns and the sun is replaced by long, dark days.

Accessories, jewellery, bags and more!

We love a wardrobe edit here at Yemaya HQ!

One of the best things we like to do is mix and match our bits and bobs and try new combinations, breathing new life into existing wardrobe staples and then choosing some new things to lift our spirits and give us a new vibe! So many memories connected with a pair of earrings, a beach bag or a treasured necklace given to us by someone special.

We are super excited about our Staycation collection that will be launching early summer!

Just a very small sneak peak....

Meet and Greet!

With lockdown restrictions easing we are sooooo excited to be back at our local markets and able to meet some of you awesome people! Not only do you get to meet the awesome Yemaya HQ team members you also get the chance to buy unique items that are not available on line...Can’t wait to see you!

And remember, now is the time to make the most of each day. The days are longer, the countryside is bursting into life, the sea is warming up and there is no better time to be out and about in the fresh air.

Don’t forget to share your memories and adventures with us on social media....we love hearing your stories!


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