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Staycation 2021......a holiday to remember!

the surreal life we are all living right now, with uncertainty, restrictions and a new way of living, it is no wonder that so many of us are desperate to get away, to have a holiday and reconnect with something familiar...a summer holiday!

But with travel restrictions constantly changing, the costs of going away either within the UK or abroad soaring is there a way that we can have a holiday without leaving town?

Yes there is!

It has been hard over the past year or so not to get fed up with the same four walls, same daily routines, feeling lost, lacking the energy and motivation to get through each day. We all need the benefit of experiencing something new, or looking at something we already have with new eyes to give us a lift.

People are always saying go out and explore your local area, enjoy what is on your doorstep but how many of us have been doing that everyday during Covid and the novelty is wearing thin?

Here at Yemaya HQ we can totally understand that and now that restrictions are easing everywhere, further afield has just got so busy and it has become stressful. Rather than the uplifting, relaxing experience you had hoped for, you are stuck in traffic, surrounded by people all desperate to do something different just like you.

So what can you do?

The answer is simple. Change your specs and look at your life through a different lens!

Be creative, think about the money you would have spent on a trip away and use it to enhance your daily life, create new memories and enjoy not having to jostle with other people at airports, spend hours in traffic queues or visitor attractions.

Our Favourite Staycation Ideas

Change one room in your house

We are not talking big extensions or building works, just look at the room, imagine how you could make it feel different, bring a holiday vibe and make a plan. Could you change the colour of the walls? Change the new ones or dye your existing ones to give the room a lift? What about a new duvet cover or a new rug? Or some wonderful house at Yemaya HQ we are a sucker for succulents!

Changes don’t have to be big to make a place feel different and give you a lift.

Give your garden a lift

If you are lucky enough to have a garden then why not use the money you have saved on not going on holiday to create your own piece of heaven? Look at your space, look online or in magazines and books for inspiration and you’re set to create an oasis where you can relax and let the stresses of life float away. You could plant a cottage garden with lots of bee friendly plants, a tropical garden with lush, green plants, a vegetable garden that will give you lots of delicious crops to enjoy all through the summer, or a combination of them all.

No garden? No problem

Just because you don’t have a garden doesn’t mean you can’t have plants. A couple of exotic house plants can really change the mood of your home and are easy to look after.

How about a chilli plant? Fab to look at and delicious to eat.

Of a cactus? Prickly but definitely bringing in those desert vibes!

Create an outdoor room

Holidays cost a lot of money so why not invest in something that will last more than one season? A shed or summer house can provide a really wonderful extra room where you can escape to, have a change of scene and recharge. It could be a hobby shed, a haven for reading and creative pursuits or somewhere the wine flows, the music plays and you dream.

If you haven’t got space for a shed, then why not invest in a tent? We are not talking a one person ridge tent here, we are talking about a tent you can stand up in, be in when it rains but still enjoy the outdoors and be with friends.

Treat yourself to holiday food with friends

One of the best things about going away to somewhere new is the food. The taste, smell, new flavours and interesting ingredients and the relaxed eating alfresco, taking time to savour each mouthful and talk with friends and family are just some of the things the Yemaya HQ team love.

This year we are planning on trying new recipes from some of the amazing countries we have visited over the years. We have lots of themed nights in the diary where our friends are bringing share plates of food from the country chosen. It is a great way to spice up meal times, try new recipes and create new memories with people you care about.

Change the record

Yes, of course, no holiday would be without a new sound track, local grooves, summer sounds and party beats. Why not explore your sound landscape and upload some new vibes to your playlist? There are so many amazing artists out there from all over the world making extraordinary music. S o why not break out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Explore your local area like a tourist

You don’t have to drive miles to have an adventure. You just need to look at where you are in a new way and imagine you are the tourist. What would you do? Would you walk around the local streets taking in the architecture? Visit local shops to see what is on offer? Sit in the local park watching the world go by with an ice cream? Find off the track quiet locations? By using our imagination and thinking outside the box you will be amazed at what you find just round the corner.

Happy Holidays!


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