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  • Amelia

Some great ocean news to make you smile!

With everything going on in this slightly crazy state of the world at the moment let's focus on some good news that you perhaps may have missed in all of the madness!

1. 100,000 puffins have returned home to breed

It's almost puffling season....who doesn't love puffling season?! 100,000 birds have returned to the Isle of May just off the coast of Scotland to breed & their eggs are expected to hatch any moment now!

2. The ocean and sea life can bounce back by 2050

Top scientists have said that the ocean and ecosystems can bounce back in the next 30 years if we take urgent action to restore habitats and protect species. We need to both rebuild declining sea life populations and damaged ecosystems whilst protecting what remains.

3. Nearly 100 super endangered sea turtles hatched on a deserted beach in Brazil

Due to the partial lock down measures due to coronavirus in Brazil, turtles have been able to return to deserted beaches to breed without the threat of humans interfering.

4. Ocado has stopped selling bottled water

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Ocado has temporarily stopped delivering bottled water to free up more space for home deliveries, which means in turn slightly less bottle polluting the ocean and filing up landfill!

5. Abu Dhabi's dugong population saved by a ban on fishing nets

A ban on fishing nets introduced in the UAE capital last winter has halved the dugong mortality rate - what a fantastic result!


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