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  • Amelia

A smart way to start the day....why we love smoothies at Yemaya HQ

What could be better than to start a day of adventuring with a delicious, nutritious smoothie? Quick, healthy at home or on the go, what’s not to love.

Keeping frozen fruit in the freezer or tinned fruit in the cupboard means there will always something you can whizz up to get your taste buds tingling if you run out of the fresh stuff.

Here are 3 of my favourites guaranteed to get you going whatever adventure you have planned. Remember if you like things sweeter, just add a drizzle of honey.

Apricot and Banana....creamy and delicious

  • Just take half a frozen banana

  • Add 4 fresh or tinned apricots

  • Combine with 200ml of the milk of your choice

  • Add ice if you like and then whizz and enjoy!

Mango and Lime.....full of zesty goodness

  • Grab 4oz of fresh or frozen mango

  • Add 1 peeled, chopped kiwi fruit

  • Combine with 1 tablespoon plain yoghurt of your choice

  • Add ice if you like, whizz and add a squirt of lime juice to taste.

Summer Spirits...nothing wrong with bubbles

  • Take 4oz fresh/frozen raspberries

  • Add 4oz fresh/frozen or tinned (in juice) peaches

  • Add ice if you like then whizz and top up your glass with sparkling water...enjoy!

Top Tips for Smoothie Success

  • Buy bags of frozen fruit or smoothie mixes, perfect for when you are in a hurry

  • Keep a selection of tinned fruit in juice in your kitchen cupboard, perfect when you have run out of fresh fruit

  • Peel small bananas and freeze in freezer bags, perfect to add to all smoothies for a chilled and creamy taste

So these are my top 3 smoothies....what are yours?


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