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Show Day - Top tips to have a great event!

Many of us attend craft fairs/market days/shopping events regularly with our stands and beloved makes.

Much time and energy goes into getting ready for these events but making them a success is often down to us on the day. Of course the event does need to advertise and get the people there, but then the spotlight turns to you.

Here are my top tips for having a great craft fair:

1. Get up early & get ready! It might be 6am and the thought of straightening your hair and ironing your shirt might fill you with horror, but by 10am you will definitely stand out if you look like you've been pulled through a hedge backwards.

Making the effort will pay off later in the day!

2. Have a great breakfast & bring food! Setting yourself up for the day is key. You don't know how busy you will be and often you might not even have time to eat. Food is often expensive at events and even getting 5 mins to nip off can be a struggle sometimes.

tea breakfast
Starting your day right is important!

3. Wear comfy shoes! You are going to be on your feet a lot - so smart & comfy footwear is key!

comfy boots
For me it's all about the comfy boots!

4. Make sure you can take card payments! I don't go anywhere without my izettle! Very few people carry cash now days & you could lose sales if you don't take card. There is often wi-fi everywhere too so don't worry about having to use all of your data up.

i zettle set up
I zettle & phone combo - so good for taking card payments!

5. Stand up & smile! Hiding behind your stall on your phone looking all grumpy will not attract customers! Tell people about your products & share your passion with them. There is a fine line between selling and harassing people. It takes a bit of practice but you will soon find your groove.

Smile :D

6. Social Media it! Insta stories, facebook stories, feed posts - keep people engaged on what's happening! Tag other traders, network and just spread the word for your event!

Yemaya Collections event stand
Keeping active on social media is key when at events!


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