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Proud to be me!

There is no doubt that Covid has transformed all our lives forever and it has been hard to find the positives in what has been a very difficult time for everyone.

But if there is one thing we can take from this enforced lock down it is that we have had the opportunity to reassess what is important to us and what makes us feel alive. Too often we are swept up with the routine of our lives or the dramas and crisis management that direct each day and it is hard to hold onto what defines who we are. For some of us it can be as little as wearing a piece of jewellery that reminds us of who we are even when we feel lost.

Embrace the essence that is you

We all have our own unique sense of style, some like to stick to one design concept whilst others like to mix and match and present a more eclectic personality. Whatever your style, embrace it, flaunt it and be proud of who you are.

Latest looks for Summer ‘21

Inspired by the Ocean

The ocean is a constant source of inspiration here at Yemaya HQ, whether that be the beautiful colours or the shapes of the ocean and it is something that resonances with so many of our lovely customers.

Showing you care

Wearing a ghost net bracelet is a positive statement that says not only are you aware of the global problems our oceans face but you doing something positive to support the work of those who are making big changes to improve the situation.

Timeless Silver

The coolness of silver sits well on all skin tones and perfectly captures the movement of the ocean in our designs and the life within it. Whether it be waves, shells or starfish there are plenty of beautiful designs guaranteed to suit you.

Subtle Beauty of Sea Glass

Sea glass is a treasure. Starting life when a piece of glass falls into the water, it travels many miles being shaped and smoothed by the movement of the ocean until it washes up on the beach, perfect in its new incarnation. Beautiful, subtle colours shine through adding beauty to a wide range of jewellery designs.

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Seashells – Nature’s Bounty

One of life’s greatest pleasures is walking along a beach and finding beautiful shells. Nature is amazing, so many colours and shapes, many having spiritual meaning for some people and for others, the pleasure of wearing something connected to the ocean is enough to bring back wonderful memories and raise the spirits.

Take time to reflect on who you are

With summer fast approaching as we emerge from lockdown, it is the perfect time to assess your wardrobe, find out what really makes you feel good when you wear it and what truly reflects who you are.

Whatever your style wear something that makes you feel proud to be you today!

Don’t forget to share your favourite pieces with us on social media - give us a tag @yemayacollections


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