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  • Amelia


Being on location is not any where near as glamorous as it sounds! As much as I dream of shooting in warmer, tropical climes with bronzed super models, being realistic with time, flights, budget and our carbon footprint means that shooting a little closer to home is often a more realistic option. 

Waiting for the 'perfect' weather window never seems to happen - so as long as we have great light and it's dry then it's go time! I love to shoot outside, particularly on the beach as the light is often best and gives the best props and backgrounds.

Having a shot list is key for me; how many shots, which angles, which products and a list of set ups I want to photograph. It's very easy to get distracted and go off on a tangent or obsess about a 'perfect shot'.

All of the Yemaya photography is done by myself - I do have a DSLR - but not an overly fancy one - I've just learnt how to use it to get the best out of the products. It's been a steep learning curve - but as they say practice makes perfect!

Yes it's often frustrating - how you picture a shot in your head doesn't always come out quite how you would like it. The light, the set up or my hair deciding to dangle in front of the lens to ruin that perfect shot is all part of it.

But I have to admit there's nothing more rewarding then seeing the products that you've spent time designing and making, finally get photographed well and become ready for promotion. Taking a piece right from the start, all the way to market is truly and amazing feeling.

Check out the latest shoot snaps and shop the latest Yemaya pieces here


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