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Love is in the air!

It seems impossible that we are already in June, traditionally one of the most popular months to get married. But after a year of disappointments and rearrangements many couples will finally be able to tie the knot and start the next chapter of their lives together.

It might not be the wedding you had originally planned

Whilst for some couples they had saved hard, planned for a long time in the hope of a large, dream wedding others had always imagined a more modest affair. But again, with the Covid restrictions, it seems that most weddings will have to accommodate the changing rules, with smaller gatherings and that can mean disappointment for some couples.

It’s the simple things that make a day special

When couples were asked what were the most important things that made their wedding special, it was being able to celebrate with family and close friends. It was a time to focus on the things that would create memories to last a life time, the food, the conversation, the personal gifts and just being together with those they loved.

Capture a moment in time

The big day is a time to celebrate love, commitment and looking to the future for what is the start of an amazing journey together. Choosing jewellery that symbolises that love, commitment and excitement of a shared life together is a big part of the celebration and the choice of ring reflects the personalities of the couples, a snap shot in time. The rings themselves symbolise the unending circle of love that binds couples and families together.

Making a special day

There are lots of ways to make the wedding day special that don’t need to cost the earth. Decorating your venue with wild flowers, homemade bunting, fairy lights, pretty table cloths with jars of flowers on the tables and of course, fragrant candles to help with the romantic mood.

Why not create a chalk board for people to write messages on that you can photograph at the end of the day and make into a print. Set up a share box for people to share their photos that you can choose from to create a photo book of the big day.

Thanking those that helped to make your day extra special

Most weddings come together with the help of lots of wonderful people and thanking them in a meaningful way is very important to couples. It can be difficult to think what to give as a thank you gift that will be treasured and valued. At Yemaya HQ we work with couples to find them something that is personal and that extra bit special. We have lots of ideas and love working with couples on commissions to make their day truly memorable.

But the most important thing on your wedding day......

Is to enjoy the day. Relax, have fun and truly live in the moment that sees you united as a couple.

Love is in the air.......what better way to celebrate summer!


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