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  • Amelia

Love Is In The Air

I’m not going to lie, Valentine’s Day this year is going to be weird. We are all so used to being able to plan something special to share with our loved ones without the constraints of an enforced lock down but this year how can we celebrate without breaking the rules?

It is a cliché to say that love is for life and not just for Valentine’s Day and I believe that whether you have a partner or not, it is a day to celebrate love in all its forms. Love is not exclusive to finding a life partner, love is an emotion that you feel when you make a deep connection with another being that enriches both your lives.

So here are some ideas to help make more memories for the memory bank this year...

Partner.....Remember the Good Times, Make Plans for the Future

The usual ‘go to’ celebration is to make a delicious meal, open a bottle of wine, dim the lights and let the romance flow.

But how about thinking outside the box?

Why not make the celebration together and plan an evening looking back over happy photos and sharing memories before lock down, creating a photo book together?

It is so easy to forget all the fun times during the relentless grind of lock down but a bottle of wine, a takeaway and treats to share whilst looking through your phone or laptop should get the memories flowing.

Or why not start looking ahead to post lock down and create a mood board together full of photos of places to visit and things to do? They don’t have to be trips to exotic places just things you enjoy doing together, a walk along the beach, a bike ride through a forest, a picnic in a park. Whatever floats your boat.

So get out the wine or put on the kettle, snuggle down together with your phone or lap top and have some fun.


It has been hard in lock down not to be able to see family so why not make Valentine’s Day a day where you all get together on Zoom?

Get everyone to bring a photo to share of a family memory, have a shared meal where everyone cooks a family favourite as part of their meal like a pudding, main course, get the idea, arrange for a quiz where each family member has to devise a set of questions about family memories you have shared, or all make a plan for something to do together once lock down is over.

So book a time, create a meeting and have a catch up!


Being honest last year a new young man entered my life and stole my heart....yes, Arlo!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the joy that he has brought to our lives here at Yemaya HQ.

And I am not alone! The increase in people buying pets during lock down has been phenomenal and highlights our need to feel connected to others.

So why not celebrate how grateful you are to be sharing your life with your pet? Go for a special walk, take some photos to add to your story, make some tasty treats or just snuggle down for a cuddle.


There is nothing quite like a Bestie. Someone who has shared some of your most life affirming adventures, ups and downs and someone who always has your back. It is easy to take a Bestie for granted but why not celebrate by sending a homemade card with a specific memory to remind them of how grateful you are to have them in your life? Or get baking and send them homemade goodies.

Whatever you do, make it special, make some memories that you can look back on when the dark clouds loom.

And oh, if you are looking for something special to give to your loved ones, check out these special Valentine’s Day gifts.......


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