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So with the launch of our ghost net bracelet already underway at our pop up shop in John Lewis Exeter & with them due to land online next week I thought it was time to give a bit of background to the awesome charity we are working with!

I had a quick catch up with Steve, Moni, Simon & there gorgeous dog Rosie a couple of weeks ago when they had a pit stop in Falmouth on their latest adventure to Exeter.

Hi Steve, thanks for taking the time to catch up with me - can you tell me a little more about Clean Ocean Sailing and where it all started?

I've always been a sailor and spent much time at see on my wooden boat Annie. A fair few years ago whilst anchored off the island of Annette I took my kayak to do a quick explore and beach clean.

Unfortunately the weather turned & I ended up stuck on the uninhabited island for a few days until I could get back to the boat.

The experience was eye opening. All around me there was rubbish! So much rubbish - in some places piled up 3ft high along the shore. Dolphins and seals were all tangled up in it, fighting for their lives. I knew that I had to do something about it.

Wow what an experience! Was this the push for Clean Ocean Sailing to get off the ground?

I've always done beach cleans from kayaks and by hand whenever I can, but with Annie, our 112 year old sailing boat and with the help of other small crafts, we are able to access more remote places that are not easily reached on foot.

After just doing it for ourselves for a few years, we decided to make it official. Moni built the website and it's grown from there! Unfortunately I still work as an engineer, but hopefully one day soon I can drop the tools & this will be full time!

So your currently headed for Exeter - tell me a little more about that?

Yes! We've been waiting for the big tides to get out of our HQ in Gweek and we are headed for Exeter. We are taking 1 tonne of plastics that we have collected over the past year or two up to Exeter to be turned into kayaks by Odessy Innovation.

It's a carbon free mission and we will be met by paddlers from Exeter canoe club to paddle the plastic on the last bit of the journey which is very exciting! We will of course be stopping on route to clean the coastline along the way too!


So since I spoke with the team, they have successfully delivered the plastic to Exeter and are now on route back to HQ in Gweek to hopefully collect some more and get it ready to go again!

They had a fab feature on BBC Spotlight about their adventure & what this fab charity is upto which you can watch here:

To find out more & to get involved with this fantastic project visit:

Our ghost net bracelets will be landing online NEXT WEEK & are available in store in John Lewis Exeter this week!


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