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Home Is Where The Heart Is

It’s that time of year again when the promise of Spring is in the air and here at Yemaya HQ we are taking a long hard look all around us and starting to freshen up our nest. The dusters are out, the windows are open between the showers to let the fresh sea air in and we are looking at our home with new eyes.

Mindful Homemaking ...Loving My Space

Our homes make us feel good on the bad days, they restore and rejuvenate us when our energy is low and are full of special things that make us smile. Filling our homes with carefully chosen things can have a significant impact on our lives. Having something beautiful to look at whilst doing the washing up, keeping track of time with a carefully chosen clock, or enjoying herbs from a beautiful planter can all help to raise the spirits and bring a smile to our faces when the dark clouds loom.

So, how can we freshen up our home and bring some coastal vibe to lift our spirits?

Simple. Take a look at our new Contemporary Coastal Homeware Collection. We know you are going to love it!

Unique Collectables , Contemporary Coastal Homeware

To celebrate the coming of Spring we have joined forces with Rustic Rose to launch an exciting new home collection. The collection is designed by Yemaya Collections and expertly crafted by Rustic Rose to bring a unique range of contemporary coastal inspired home wares, that we know you are going to love.

And here’s a taster to get your home design juices flowing....

Keeping track of time....

Need any herbs for your culinary masterpiece....

Time to bath and candles...

Something for my feature wall....

At last somewhere to put my mini succulent collection...

Perfect....Mother’s Day sorted...

So what’s so special?

All One Off Designs

A limited collection of 40 individually unique pieces including candles, clocks, wall hangings and word wall art, planters, mini pots with the option of adding a herb garden or spring bulb kit to make a perfect present. No one else will have one the same as you. They are as unique a and special as you are!

All Eco Friendly Design

Each piece is handmade and individually crafted from Jesmonite, an eco resin and dyes to create unique colours and designs.

This is the first collection of its kind to feature designs incorporating ghost nets to create a terrazzo finish, bringing colour and texture to each individual piece.

Our candles are made from coconut wax and feature wooden wicks and all our products come complete with our trademark sustainable packaging.

All Make a Perfect Gift

The Home Collection has something for everyone no matter how big or small their nest. If you buy one as a gift we can include a personalised message making it the perfect gift for all those lovely mums out there just in time for Mother’s Day.

A one of a kind for a one of a kind!

And don’t forget to share the love with all the other wonderful people in your lives. Nothing says I appreciate you more than a thoughtful, one of a kind gift.

And what about me I hear you say?

Yes you are right! Don’t forget to grab whatever tugs at your heartstrings and bring some coastal loving to your nest.

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Follow the link to find out more and make your home feel special with a unique piece of coastal perfection. They won’t hang around for long!

Check them out here:

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