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Feeling Alive – Time for A New Challenge

The warm weather is on its way. Lockdown restrictions look set to ease. So that means it is time to plan some serious adventuring and try something new!

Benefits of Trying New Things

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day after day and that is why trying something totally new, perhaps outside of your comfort zone has been proven to be good for you. Here at Yemaya HQ we know first hand how deciding to just have a go at a new activity can be transformative and here are some of the reasons why.

Boosts Your Confidence

Trying something outside of your comfort zone takes guts, it pushes you on all levels and when you achieve it, wow, do you feel good. Showing yourself that you can do it, that you have what it takes to take the plunge is a real confidence boost and makes you realise all the potential that you have locked up inside.

Makes You Appreciate Who You Are

Life has a habit of grinding us down with daily routines that are often far from inspiring and can drain the spirit. We lose sight of who we are, the dreams we had, the passion and spirit that made us feel alive. Trying something new helps us regain that. The excitement, the fear, the sheer panic, the exhilaration of achievement all help to fire up the engines of who we are and remind us that we are special, we are fantastic!

Building New Skills

The first time you try anything new it might not go according to plan. You might not be a natural kite surfer, ice skater or pianist but with practice and perseverance you will get there and that sense of achievement as you get better with each attempt can give you a focus away from the everyday as well as having something interesting to put on your CV!

It Wakes Up Your Brain

Doing something different, challenging yourself physically and mentally literally wakes up your brain. We all go through the motions of life everyday often not consciously aware of what we are actually doing. Literally giving your body and brain a good hard kick, a new challenge wakes you up and sets in motion a whole raft positive changes that will make you feel more alive.

Gives You Perspective

Often doing something outside of the box is enough to engage our brains away from our worries and frustrations that are bogging us down. With Covid over the past year it has sometimes been especially hard to appreciate all that is good in our lives but just having a break, an hour away engaged in something totally different can really make us look at our lives with fresh eyes and appreciation.

Fancy Trying Something New?

Here are some of our favourite activities to help you step outside of that comfort zone!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – SUP

The perfect challenge for those wanting balance! Standing up on a surf board and paddling around looks so simple but it takes focus to coordinate the muscles and find the balance so you don’t fall off but once you do, you will be hooked! An environmentally sound way to explore the coastlines of Britain without disturbing wildlife and best of all you can do it with your family and friends.


A bit more physical combining climbing, swimming, traversing and jumping to explore coastlines and caves this is something to do with a reputable coasteering company who will have the right equipment, knowledge and instructors to keep you safe. A perfect activity to do with friends.


Learning to sail is one of the most popular activities as it not only teaches you a new skill, challenges you but also provides the wonderful calm of being on the water. A qualified instructor will get you started and after one lesson I’m sure you will be hooked!


If you are looking for something more adrenaline fuelled then have a look at kite surfing. Combining physical strength and nerve this is definitely one that you need an instructor for. Learning to navigate the waves and the wind takes skill and determination but I have to say, there is nothing like it for that sheer feeling of exhilaration and achievement when you get the hang of it


This is an excellent activity for the whole family and as long as you can swim well there are plenty of safe places to explore the world under the sea. Get yourself a mask and snorkel, practice adjusting your breathing and off you go. Immersing yourself in the calm waters watching a totally different world go by is uplifting, you just can’t beat it.

So what’s stopping you?

Time to give those brain cells a kick and plan a few challenges for the coming months. There are loads more possibilities out there but whatever you decide to do, do it safely.

And if you are heading to Cornwall once restrictions lift, check out the link below for a whole range of things to do.

And don’t forget to share your adventures with us!


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