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Feeling Good!

There is no denying that life is tough for everyone right now. Lockdown has taken its toll on our souls, on our spirits and it is harder than ever to keep ourselves buoyant. It is sometimes hard to keep optimistic when all around there seems to be little to be positive about.

But the good news is there are small things that we can do that can make a difference to how we feel and chances are you will have some of these things handy already.

Colour therapy isn’t new, it has been used throughout time as a healing therapy. Ancient Egyptians built sun activated solarium rooms with coloured glass for treatments and its use as a therapy to re-balance or re-energise the energies within the body continues today.

So how does it work?

Colour is all around us everyday. It is absorbed through our eyes, our skin, our bodies. It affects us physically, spiritually and emotionally. Just as we relax as we walk through a lush green forest, a swim in an azure blue sea, we can feel enervated sitting in a restaurant with deep red walls. Often we are not aware of the effect that colour is having on us and colour therapists believe that each one of the seven spectrum colours has its own particular energy which resonate with the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centres of the body.

How can colour work for me?

Have you ever noticed that you are instinctively drawn to certain colours? Perhaps when decorating your home, are choosing a new addition to your wardrobe, buying new flowers for the garden or a selecting a special piece of jewellery. Well therapists would say that is no surprise. We often gravitate to things that we need in our lives without even realising that is what we are doing, and I’m not talking about that mega bar of chocolate you spied in your shopping trolley and had no idea how it got there!. But we can also make positive decisions to bring a specific colour into our lives to help us through lives challenges.

Colours.....we love you!

Violet is used as a calming colour, a colour that helps you tune into your intuition, your imagination and aids the natural flow of energy through meditation.

Green is all about supporting balance and bringing harmony to our lives as it does in nature. Supportive qualities of love, acceptance, and communication are all associated with this wonderful colour.

Blue brings calmness and inner peace. It is associated with love, kindness, honesty deep feeling.

Indigo conveys integrity and sincerity and reflects the qualities of wisdom, justice and impartiality.

Red excites us, increases physical energy, vitality and stamina and is associated with spontaneity, passion and stability.

Orange stimulates creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, productivity and pleasure.

Yellow brings fun, humour and creativity into our lives and is associated with lightness, logic, intellect and creativity.

How else can we aid well being in our lives?

It isn’t just the colour of our choice of clothes or jewellery that we wear that can have a spiritual impact on our well being. There is a belief that the shape of the things and what they are made of can also impact on our well being.

Here at Yemaya HQ we like to think that our choice of designs and materials will not just look nice but also make you feel good and here’s why....

Sea Glass – a symbol of renewal and healing

Sea glass is created from discarded glass, perhaps a bottle, dish or ornament that has out lived its purpose and has been tossed and broken up in the sea over a long period of time. It has travelled a long way and when it is washed up on the shore it has the potential to evolve into something new that is valued and treasured once more.

Silver = a symbol of a mirror to our soul

Silver is a precious metal that symbolizes riches and wealth. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us.

The Whale Tail – a symbol of strength

Whales use their tales to navigate vast oceans with speed and ease. It symbolises strength, speed and agility.

The Wave – a symbolism of the ebb and flow of life

The rhythm of the sea, with the waves coming and going reflects life. It symbolises forthcoming events, celebrations, adventures and hidden emotions.

The Starfish = a symbol of renewal

The starfish symbolizes love, guidance, inspiration, intuition and renewal. It promotes a feeling of self-sustainability and teaches you to cure yourself, find a way to feel better.

The Cowrie Shell – symbol of prosperity

In African legend if you are attracted to the Cowrie shell it was believed that you possessed the strength of the ocean. It is also the symbol of prosperity and fertility.

The Leaf – a symbol of fertility

The leaf throughout the world represents fertility and growth.

The Hummingbird – a symbol of joy

Hummingbirds are bright and beautiful creatures that symbolize joy, playfulness and positivity

So take a look in your drawers and wardrobes and wear something today that helps to blow the mid winter blues away

Looking good!


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