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  • Amelia

5 Of The Highland's Best Beaches Not To Be Missed

As many of you may or may not know Yemaya has been on a wee sabbatical in the Scottish Highlands this year & it has been a blast!

Although a lot less tropical than what I am used to, the scenery is amazing & the coastline is phenomenal! Mountains meet deserted beaches and the adventures are endless. Here are my favourite spots in the Highlands:

1. Durness Beach

Sat on the very north west corner of Scotland the drive is well worth it! Pitch your tent on the cliff overlooking the beach - but be warned it does get windy!

2. Findhorn

One of my favourite spots for blowing away the cobwebs & getting out for a blast. Miles of un-spoilt beach and occasionally a nice wave, this is definitely a favourite!

3. Sandwood Bay

It's a bit of a hike to get here, but it is more than worth it! At the end of a few miles of hiking through a forest track you are rewarded with the most amazing and deserted beach! Take a tent & wild camp for the evening - the stars don't disappoint!

4. Paenmeanach

Another one that needs a walk to, but after just over an hour you are rewarded with a super cute cove! A bothy awaits to shelter from the weather & keep your eyes peeled for the deer that make a daily pilgrimage to feast on the lichen at low tide.

5. Oldshoremore

A tiny cove that is barely on the map - but what a total gem! A gorgeous wave and many rock pools to explore! But don't let the sunshine deceive you - the water is more than a little chilly!


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