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  • Amelia

2019......Let's smile about some pretty awesome things!

With 2019 coming to an end it's time to reflect on the year & celebrate all the amazing achievements for the marine environment. Here are my top 10 bits of good news from 2019 that are sure to bring a smile to your face :D

1. Sea turtle numbers are on the rise with populations thought to have increased by 980%! Good job endangered species act!

2. Canada passed a bill that makes it illegal to keep dolphins, whales and porpoises in captivity for entertainment - let's hope some more countries follow suit.

3. Renewable energy sources now account for a third of all the global power capacity - not a bad start!

4. 41 new marine conservation zones were designated off the British coast - bringing the grand total to now 91 protected areas.

5. Poor Filipino fisherman have increased their average daily wage from $1.40 to $62 by stopping destructive fishing & protecting whale sharks.

6. Humback whales are on their way back from extinction! Dwindling populations are now rising to over 25 000....woop!

7. Basking sharks have been spotted off the Californian coast after decades of no sightings of these giant creatures.

8. A robot called LarvalBot is planting tiny baby corals on the Great Barrier Reef to try and help restore it's reefs back to what they were.

9. 97 whales and belugas were released from Russia's 'whale jail' to the ocean to live a life of freedom.

10. Research finds that feeding cows sea weed cuts 99% of greenhouse gas emissions from their burps & farts!

I hope that makes you smile - i'm sure 2020 will be full of more gems too!


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