Green Seconds Set Ladies 


    Made from recycled fishing nets with a surgical steel magnetic clasp & 3 pieces of Yemaya sea glass, these bracelets are the ultimate accessory for any ocean lover!


    This set contains 3 x ladies bracelets in green.


    You will recieve 3 green bracelets from a range of locations.

    SECONDS: These bracelets are seconds for a variety of reasons - the net might not be as shiny/new looking as other styles or a bit of extra glue might have seeped down the clasp or they might have a small fray or they might have the odd small mark on them. They are still great bracelets & have plenty of life in them - they are just not 'perfect'! All seconds sales are final.

    Packaged in a natural hemp pouch with a card detailing where the net was found & an accompanying postcard detailing the process they make an idea gift!


    Please note: seconds items are non returnable - all sales are final.


    Each bracelet is a one off and part of a limited addition run - the exact design will never be repeated! 



    £2 from each bracelet is donated to Clean Ocean Sailing - an amazing Cornish charity who work tirelessly to clean the coastline, including the most hard to reach beaches.


    So how are they made?


    1. Collect - nets are recovered by hand from UK beaches & dive sites


    2. Clean - Using an ocean friendly cleaning process the nets are cleaned & dried


    3. Transform - Nets once discarded & unloved are transformed into one off pieces


    Ladies - internal diameter 65mm

    Ladies small - internal diameter 60mm

    (due to nature of the net may vary by 1 or 2mm)


    Please note that due to the nature of the materials used the bracelets may have a small imperfection or two - but that's all part of the charm!


    Please note: seconds are non returnable. All sales are final.