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  • Amelia


There's nothing more satisfying then spending a day beach combing, with your eyes peeled for hidden jewels scattered amongst the sand, and then coming home with handfuls of bountiful treasure. But what did you actually find? What was the true value to your treasure? Well here's the low down.....

Sea glass comes in many colours...

White, brown & green - the most common by far. Found in abundance in different shapes, sizes & shades

Sea foam green & aqua blue - less common but still found frequently on UK shores, some of my favourite colours and shades

Colbalt blue - a firm favourite but a rare find now days. Often found in smaller sizes - perfect for some of our Yemaya pieces

Teal, orange, red, yellow, purple & bright turquoise - very rare - only found occasionally in UK shores but can be commonly found abroad

No two pieces are ever the same....

Each piece is unique, tumbled slightly differently by the sea and therefore no two Yemaya pieces are ever the same. The imperfections, scratches, dents and holes give each piece it's character and give an insight into it's story.


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